Since we are underprocessing the system with SEC, therefore, your documents for KYC process is being held, and will continue again after the system audit with SEC has been done.

Get KULAP token up to 700 KUL

Just sign up to be a KULAP member and fill in all the information. You will get a maximum of 700 KUL token.


Best price Always.

If you are the one who looking for "Best Price" no matter for buying and selling your digital assets, KULAP is always here be by your side.

(Internal & Invited Tester Version)


KULAP is the decentralized best rate protocol, getting the real-time digital asset rate from worldwide exchanges. We provide an automatic algorithm to find the "Best Price" for users become "KULAP Best Rate API" which also benefit for our business partners whoever want to develop Decentralized Application (DApps). We design our system to maximize the utilization, useful, and user-friendly for everyone.


Fee is an significant factor for users choosing to trade in various centralized exchange, both trading and withdrawal fees, on the other hands, not applicable in decentralized exchange.


There is a big barrier for first time users using centralized exchange, takes times to deposit and withdraw, but not in decentralized exchange as provides instant Peer-to-Peer trading.


We are not only decentralized exchange platform, we also being a protocol for our partners whoever  want the best price for their digital assets exchange.

What is the decentralized best rate protocol?

KULAP connect another decentralized exchange for get best rate to users. More connect to decentralized exchange that it’s more best rate.

With our system, users will be able to exchange more than 150 tokens under ETH, ERC20 and ERC223 standard.

Kulap is not only digital asset transaction platform, we also being a protocol for our partners whoever created Decentralized application or DApps to be able to use our Best rate protocol, we designed Kulap the most easy and useful for everyone.


KULAP connects to all decentralized exchanges to find the best rate for users. More connections to decentralized exchange mean better "Best Rate" customers will get.

KULAP Split trades among DEXs for the best outcome.

DEX A has 4 ETH cap for the rate of 53 OMG.
DEX B has 6 ETH or more cap for the rate of 51 OMG.

Definitely, trading using multiple exchange rates compared always better than expects from only one exchange.

We have high liquidity level gathered from various decentralized exchange deployed over the network.


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Palakorn Yodchomyan

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Nattapon Nimakul

Co-Founder / Chief Technology Officer

Sarun Saengsomboon

Co-Founder / Chief Product Officer

Sumedt Jitpukdebodin

Blockchain Security Audit

Nobhpadol Boonphet

Software Developer

Valairat Hablakhon


Areerat Sangngam

AML Officer

Nachat Tumrongpipat


Ammarit Thongthua

Independent Audit Director

Nuttaphon Asavachompoonuch

Independent Audit Director

Jak Preechawongwaikul

Independent Audit Director


What is KULAP Platform?

We are a decentralized exchange which gives the best price to users.

Why your account status is pending?

We are on the process of requesting the legal decentralized exchange licenses process. We can start the verification procedure when our service is officially released.
Please follow us for the official announcement.
Sorry for any inconvenience occurred.

When we will get the decentralized exchange license?

Please follow us for the official announcement.

How much is KUL price? And What is KUL Token can do?

Please follow us for the official announcement. Thank you very much in advance.


address : 3 Promphan Building 3 11th floor, Soi Ladprao 3, Ladprao Road, Chom Phon Sub-district, Chatuchack District, Bangkok 10900

General & Business Partner  : [email protected]

Complaint Channel : [email protected]

IT Security : [email protected]

The company will review and respond to your complaints within 15 working days from the date of receiving the complaint.

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